Auto-Tie Water Balloons
Auto-Tie Water Balloons
Auto-Tie Water Balloons
Auto-Tie Water Balloons

Auto-Tie Water Balloons

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A new and innovative way to make a lot of water balloons really fast! With the new Auto-Tie Water Balloons, you can now make 111 water balloons in under a minute.

Each package comes with three bunches of 37 balloons. You simply attach your garden hose to the end of the bunch attachment, turn on the water to fill all 37 balloons at once, then give them a little shake. That's it! Attach the next and repeat the process.

Perfect for summer time. When you see how easy and fast prepping for a water balloon fight is using the Auto-Tie Water Balloons, you will never go back to the old, manual way again. There's simply nothing on the market quite like this that will make filling water balloons this easy!

Product Facts:

  • One order comes with three bunches of 37 latex balloons. Total 111 water balloons.
  • After you fill the balloons with water, simply shake them off of the bunch and the balloons will automatically tie and be ready to go.
  • Use the option selector if you want to order more and save $$!

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